Second Opinion

Second Opinion - SO NO "MAÑANA" PROBLEMS

Our core competences and years of experience with German-Spanish legal matters often involve giving a second opinion report on on-going mandates. It is no secret that foreign clients often complain about a lack of communication with their Spanish lawyers and even lack a continuous and speedy reporting. This often causes doubts about the correct procedure and the way the legal procedure is moving.

Comparable to the activity of a second medical expert, who gives an independent diagnosis on the basis of the medical records and the examination of the patient; we end up as trusted lawyers for short expert opinions on pending proceedings and assess the chances of success and the applicable legal position. We have no conflicts of interest, speak a clear language and therefore assess realistically the possibility of success and the potential risks.

Through this four-eyed principle our clients obtain protection by the assurance that they are on the right track in Spain or Latin America and prevent possible Spanish-German communication problems which later on cannot be avoided.

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