We serve international clients through our claim departments to enforce their claims in Spain quickly and economically. We have been highly active for more than 20 years for credit departments of the largest financial institutions in Germany and Europe.

Our range of services:

  • Successful enforcement of claims in Spain 
  • Giving title to German claims in Spain 
  • Interim measures of protection on site, seizure of debtors´ assets
  • Settlement negotiations with debtors, once we have seized assets
  • Identification of executable debtor´s assets
  • Piercing the corporate veil, preventing court orders and / or charges to prevent defrauding creditors
  • Detect hidden assets in Spain, in particular intermediary real estate companies and offshore structures with operations in Spain
  • Continual screening of the financial circumstances of the debtor. Perseverance pays off. Debtors are careless with the years, as they think they are safe. Suddenly new assets appear after a few years.
  • Economic approach to debt collection
  • Since the early 90s, we are the competent partner in the enforcement and protection of (enforceable) claims in Spain for German financial institutions.

We act fast!

We know the German security interests and instruments via our legal practice in Germany and we know the proven ways to implement our clients´ interests, adapted to the Spanish legal reality. Enforceable property is identified using the available databases and seizures are effected via any possible interim protective measures. Only then will we contact debtors and negotiate. If no German enforcing titles are available, we obtain them quickly and efficiently in Spain. Our aim here is to be able to enforce access to the debtor´s assets as early as possible.

Further advantages:

  • Quick action for the purpose of seizure of debtors´ assets 
  • Knowledge of German law
  • Comprehensive knowledge of international procedural law, application of IPL, delivery questions, requests for legal assistance, etc.
  • Our daily work gives us close knowledge of German and foreign titles
  • Many years of experience in the effective enforcement of foreign titles in Spain enable us to take these parallel provisional and precautionary measures to ensure that the debtor´s assets cannot be removed
  • We are specialists in litigation and in the possibilities of the new Spanish Insolvency Law to exert pressure on debtors in Spain
  • Commencement of appropriate criminal proceedings when we suspect creditor discrimination. This criminal offense is prosecuted ex officio in Spain with great agility and often helps creditors achieve surprising results

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