We are also at home in Latin America

The globalization of economic relations and private property interests of our clients makes it necessary to consider aspects that are beyond the intersection of German- Spanish relations. Our legal team of specialists for the different legal areas are also working internationally for our clients and support them in the context of monitoring mandates.

We have built up more than 20 years of intensive practice of law in Latin America, being involved in projects across Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Uruguay. These projects include legal aspects such as complex liability cases, transaction support, dispute resolution, regulatory action and arbitration, etc..


Multinational transactions, cross-border mergers and cases of international liability require a thorough grounding in the many ways and means by which persons from other cultures conduct their business and deal with problems.

Privileged, trust-based relationships: Ramallo Pallast & Partners enjoys privileged relationships with partner law-firms in Europe, the United States and all major jurisdictions in Latin America.

A wide variety of experience from numerous cases conducted jointly, permanent working groups in key jurisdictions and sectors, and the mutual secondment of partners and employees all form the basis for our seamless services supplied from a single source.We have paid particular attention, over the last 24 years, to our cooperation with leading law firms in Latin America, which are based in countries enjoying intensive and rapid economic development.We are thus able to assist our clients in their worldwide activities.


Cross-border tasks are performed on behalf of our clients by an experienced team of international lawyers brought together in accordance with the requirements and special needs of the transactions concerned.As our relationships with international law firms are not in any way exclusive, we are always able to work on the basis of our clients’ needs with respect to preferred foreign law firms.Ramallo Pallast & Partners conducts the brief and coordinates the in-house work of the lawyers involved. 


Our core competences and years of experience with German-Spanish legal matters often involve giving a second opinion report on on-going mandates. It is no secret that foreign clients often complain about a lack of communication with their Spanish lawyers and even lack a continuous and speedy reporting. This often causes doubts about the correct procedure and the way the legal procedure is moving.

Comparable to the activity of a second medical expert, who gives an independent diagnosis on the basis of the medical records and the examination of the patient; we end up as trusted lawyers for short expert opinions on pending proceedings and assess the chances of success and the applicable legal position. We have no conflicts of interest, speak a clear language and therefore assess realistically the possibility of success and the potential risks.

Through this four-eyed principle our clients obtain protection by the assurance that they are on the right track in Spain or Latin America and prevent possible Spanish-German communication problems which later on cannot be avoided.

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