Our lawyers advise and family businesses, family offices, family foundations and wealthy individuals, sometimes for several generations. We are familiar with the particular situations of family-owned businesses and the difficulty meeting compliance requirements: we identify with their typically long-term business models, the economic importance and regional roots of the family business. 

Our partners have themselves a family business background and therefore know the specific role of building and the associated living and thinking from childhood. We assist each family or the family business partner via at least one permanently working member.

We stand out, because we think in modern, fast-paced times and with long-term planning and therefore are seen as a confidential counsel. Trustworthy relationships are becoming relationships a rare commodity. Trust is a fragile entity and is based on continuity and personality. It is not replaceable on the fly. We are independent and free from conflicts of interest. This is why our advise is sought after time and time again.

As entrepreneurially minded attorneys we assist in the resolution of legal issues and also direct on problems which may arise for the company from a change in any legal situation abroad. This permanent contact is comparable to a conductor for the different teams of lawyers that carry out cases abroad. Our lawyers are regularly engaged in the long term. We advise the company, the family office and any foundations mainly in the areas of company law, tax law, financial law and international investment.

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