Internationales Erbrecht und Nachfolgeplanung

International and in particular German-Spanish inheritance cases with assets in both countries require special skills and a finely tuned tax coordination. Here we have the flair and the required years of experience.

We undertake the tax optimization of national and international inheritances. In particular, real estate assets located in Spain require prospective estate planning, which is already given during the lifetime of far-sighted clients by our specialized lawyers.

Take advantage of our experience in both jurisdictions. In particular, the fact that no double taxation agreement exists for inheritance tax law between Spain and Germany makes it necessary to consider the inheritance tax consequences for both countries in good time and as early as possible, with our help, to pave the way for tax optimization.

The reform of inheritance law by EU Regulation 650/2012 will produce direct legal effects on cross-border estate cases from August 17, 2015, and calls for our clients to act as soon as possible. Spanish residents must create a German will, so as to avoid early on the application of the otherwise applicable Spanish law.

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