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We are also at home in Latin America.

The globalization of economic relations and private property interests of our clients makes it necessary to consider aspects that are beyond the intersection of German- Spanish relations. Our legal team of specialists for the different legal areas are also working internationally for our clients and support them in the context of monitoring mandates.

In particular, Latin America is an investment market with high growth potential and therefore of great importance for companies looking to expand or merge worldwide.

We have built up, over more than 15 years, an extensive legal experience in Latin America, as we were involved in projects across Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Uruguay. These projects include legal matters such as complex liability cases, transaction support, dispute resolution, regulatory actions and arbitration, etc..

Our offices in Spain have introduced our firm in this region, where the cultural and linguistic similarities and the substantial experience and expertise of our individual lawyers in the region constitutes a key advantage. Our Latin American experts have specific expertise in insurance law, commercial law, the legal relationship between energy and utility companies, intellectual property and inheritance, as well as International Arbitration.

Together with some of the best known and most prestigious law firms in Latin America, we have built up a solid network which is of huge benefit to our clients. Through our coordination activities you do not have to adjust each time to new and unknown lawyers and their different way of working. We act as the liaison and coordinate the mandate.

Monitoring Mandate & Second Opinion

Our bird´s eye view and specialized knowledge in several jurisdictions leads to our clients increasingly entrusting us with monitoring mandates. Depending on the specific requirements of the mandate we identify an appropriate partner abroad who is familiar with the specifics as the expert in his/her field. We know the country- specific characteristics, both cultural and legal, which will be worked out by us in a preliminary risk analysis and presented to the client.

Our services cover the entire spectrum and often lead to us coordinating and monitoring large and complex foreign client markets. We often start with the assessment of the legal situation abroad and draft a second opinion for proceedings already in progress. We obviously keep in contact with the foreign lawyers and take over the reporting to our clients. We relieve such workload from the legal (and damage) departments of our clients.

Our range of services include:

  • Risk analysis for already filed claims abroad or proposed investments
  • Second Opinion review of on-going proceedings in foreign jurisdictions
  • Coordination and control of the foreign partner offices and reporting
  • Representation in international arbitration procedings

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